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Help... figuring out how to creating a dynamic value list?


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I am trying to Substitute Value Lists in real time?

I have three pulldown lists in a row

-One for Month

-One for the Day of the Month

-One for the year

I want the "Day of the Month" pulldown list to switch to an appropriate value list that only has the correct number of days for the selected


I setup a secondary file with a field named "Days" and I created 31 indexed records with the data 1 thru 31 in the records. I set up a "value

list" named "day list" in the secondary file that uses the data from the "Days" field. I told my primary file to us the "value list" named

"day list" from my secondary file and bingo ... it worked. Now I need to figure out how to make it limit the number of days based on the

month that was selected. I also added a repeating field in my secondary file called "months". It lists all the months with that records day

available. For instance the file with the value of "1" for "day" has all twelve months in the repeating month field. The file with the value of

"31" for "day" has only the seven months that have 31 days. I created this field because I was going to do something with the find

feature, but I haven't figured out how to make it work. I have a "month selected" field that has the user selected month (in number 01

thru 12). Any ideas?

also, does anyone know of a template or plug in available for download that has the feature I am trying to create?

-Thank You

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First of all you really need Filemaker 5+ to make this work.

Drop the repeating field. You cannot do any manipluations on any of the repeats other than the first one anyway. Repeating fields are a hold over from pre-relational days.

Make the field for "Months" a standard text field. For each given "Day" record put in each month on a seperate line that contains that day.

For instance:

Day: 1

Months: January








Then ignore any value lists in this file, they are of no use to this solution.

Now from your main file setup a relationship between it and the Days file by the Month field. Then setup a value list via that relationship, showing the Day field.

Now since it works though the relationship it will only show the Day records whose Month field contains the selected month.

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I just read this post and thought I could ask a question based on what appears to be a similar situation...

I have a products database that contains the following fields; category, group, series, product

I want to be able to select category from a list, then have a second list contain only related groups, same for series and product.

I want to have sales reps efficiently drill down into the category, group, series, product they need. Will the solution this post is in reply to work for my situation as well?

If not, what will...?

I greatly appreciate any help provided, thank you, Greg.

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This topic is 8209 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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