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Container file path via internet

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Hi all:

I am working on a system which is to be accessed via FMP locally and via the internet using Flash/php integration. I'm just building the FileMaker portion (not the Flash/php part) and am a bit stuck on how to deliver the file-path for a container field to the guy developing the Flash/php stuff.

The idea (and maybe this isn't the right approach) was to use the FTPit plug-in to store the images on a folder on our web server, and at the same time to insert that image in the container (stored as reference.) Is this the right way to go, or is there a simpler way? Is it possible to store the images within the db instead of as references, and have the images delivered via Flash/php?

Obviously, using FMP in an internet solution is not my forte - IWP is where my skillset ends as far as the internet is concerned - and I appreciate any input on this front.



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I've wondered about similar myself.

What I can understand about FMP file references is that you can only specify a file reference that is native to the host operating system, or native to FMP.

This seems to rule out http or ftp references as FMP only accepts a limited set of file references. Also the only networked references are available under Windows sharing or fmnet - no support for Mac networking!

If you store the images inside FMP just beware about how big they are, and how many there are. Why not store all your images (or references to them) in a separate file/table, each with a corresponding http URL.

I'd suggest a "mirror" suite of images, one for local access with the LAN and a duplicate set on a public server (under http) to minimise bandwidth consumption when delivering the images fro the flash/php side.

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This topic is 5704 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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