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Value list problem


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I have the following problem.

File A : ProductTypeCode / ProductSerial / Productdescription / Budget

File A has an internal relationship between ProductTypeCode and ProductSerial

File B has a ProductTypeCode field that is formatted as a value list.

When user chooses a certain ProductTypeCode, the value list of the ProductSerial field (also in File : only displays the ProductSerials related to the ProductTypeCode field. So far it works.

The problem is that in File B I would also like to display the corresponding ProdDescription and Budget fields.

When I place the related fields from file A on the layout in file B, they display the first value from file A, instead of the values that are in the corresponding ProductSerial record.

I hope I have made myself clear. I think this is a problem that occurs to many FM users.

Thanks for your help folks!

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I have tried, but it doesn't seem to work.

I have been looking if other FM users have had the same problem, and I have found one question that has remained unanswered (dated june 2001)

Here it is :

I have three fields:



order no.

The value list for the supplier field is a conditional value list. The condition is based on a relationship to a catalogue-of-goods-db. So it shows only those suppliers who actually sell the certain product. It works perfectly.

Now comes the problem: I want the order no. to be displayed of that certain supplier out of the catalogue-of-goods-db, too.

Whenever I have one and the same product, which is offered by two suppliers I want to choose between both. When I change the supplier, the order no. doesn't change.

End of quotation

I have already tried to create a find script in the related DB, so that the only report found is the one that contains the information that I want to see in the file. However, the related fields (::Serial and ::Budget) in the main file still display the values entered in the first record of the related DB.

I really don't understand this...

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This topic is 8265 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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