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Hi there I need HELP!

Choose a cover type and have the description auto-enter?

In the one layout I have all the clients Insurance information e.g.

Policy 1------------------Policy 2-----------------Policy 3

Cover Type________________Cover Type_______________Cover Type

Cover Description_________Cover Description________Cover Description

Policy #__________________Policy #_________________Policy #


Instal Amount_____________Instal Amount____________Instal Amount

Date Commenced Date Commenced Date Commenced


1. cover type 1_________4. cover description 1______7. Policy 1

2. cover type 2_________5. cover description 2______8. Policy 2

3. cover type 3_________6. cover description 3______9. Policy 3

and so on.

Value lists

1. cover type: Income Protection

Business Expense

Trauma / death


2.cover description: Income Protection cover pays........

Business Expense reimburses you.........

Trauma / death cover pays..........

The Super Fund is an investment.........

Now here's the thing, I would like to be able to go into "cover type 1" field and choose from the value list e.g. "Super" and have the matching description e.g. "The Super Fund is an....."Auto-enter

and then go into "cover type 2" field choose a value e.g.

"Income Protection" and again have the matching description e.g "The Super Fund is an..." Auto-enter.

and be able to do this with all the cover type fields.

can someone help?

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Another option is to create a related database, e.g. Cover_Types.fp5.

Fields: Cover_Type_ID (primary record key), Type (text), and Description (text).

Create a relationship from the Cover Type field in the database you're using now (I'll assume for this example that it's called Client.fp5) to the Type field in Cover_Types.fp5

Make the Cover Description field in Client.fp5 a look-up field based on the above relationship. Whenever the Cover Type for a client is changed, it will auto-enter the related description, and still allow it to be edited in Client.fp5 without changing the "default" value in Cover_Types.fp5.

Hope this helps!

P.S. I just took another look at your query: You have multiple policies for each client. You may want to redesign your system so that clients and policies are in separate but related databases.



Fields: Client_ID (unique primary key), Name, Address, etc.


Fields: Policy_ID (unique primary key), Client_ID (foreign key), [policy info...]

Make a relationship from Client.fp5 to Policy.fp5 (Client_ID::Client_ID)

This way, a client can have as many policies as he/she can afford and you won't have to work with fieldnames like Policy1Type, Policy2Type, Policy3Type, etc.

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Thanks for your help it worked and I've got exactly what I wanted.

The Bridge

I do have a database that has a client file and a policy file and a letters file along with several other files, but we wanted this one to be much smaler with less information, but thank you for your help.


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This topic is 8263 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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