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report with related data


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Appoligies for the complete NOOB question but I am realy struggling with reports at the moment.

Basicaly - I have a Matters table, Clients table and Proprties table.

I am trying to create a report (layout?) on a matter(showing the matter details), then list all of the associated clients to the matter (many-many relationship) and then all of the associated properties to the matter (seperate many-many relationship)

On the data entry layout I use two portals to display these, but for a report I'm stuck and cannot understand the way the summary parts work??? (eg I dont want to sum anything - just display multiple clients per matter and multiple properties per matter)

all comments most appreciated : : thanks


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I presume you are trying to make your report from the aspect of MATTERS to replicate your portals. This is where portals and reporting take different tracks.

A portal is designed to display ALL the matching records that satisfy the relationship, whereas when you want to report your data you must specify the records to be included in the report. Related RECORDS cannot be picked up automatically by virtue of the relationships.

Obviously MATTERS does not hold all the related data about CLIENTS nor PROPERTIES and provides only a pointer to the related records.

You must create your reports from the aspect of the related tables, ie, CLIENTS and PROPERTIES

When you create a new layout you are requested to provide the table occurrence (TO) from which to display the records, so you should choose CLIENTS so that you can report the data from CLIENTS with the summary (headngs) being provided from MATTERS.

Of course this does not help you with your PROPERTIES problem as this must be shown on a separate report and produced from the aspect of PROPERTIES.

Please see the attachment for my "doodlings".


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ahh.. ok - I see

I think I relaised that would be what it was when I posted - but thank you for the confirmation.

It's a bit of a shame, and I think it limits the product somewhat.

I guess I can revist my database design and combine the data in the one related table - then filter out what's viewied somehow?? on the entry forms so I can display them both in the report


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This topic is 5699 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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