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Table of Contents Newbie needs help

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I’ve researched some of the other posts on creating an Index and Table of Contents specifically #145320

I’m confused after reading the post and am not sure whether I need a global field, a new layout a script or all of the above.

I’m interested in creating only a Table of Contents

Let’s say I have a very simple database with some records and only two fields, categories and items.

Category Item

Hammers Large Hammer

Hammers Small Hammer

Saws Large Saw

Saws Small Saw

Pliers Large Pliers

Pliers Small Pliers

I have a layout which page breaks by the Category so the data appears as below when printed.

Hammers Page 1

Large Hammer

Small Hammer


Saws Page 2

Large Saw

Small Saw


Pliers Page 3

Large Pliers

Small Pliers


What I’d like is a Table of Contents which would list the categories and the page number that the category starts on.

Hammers Page1

Saws Page2

Pliers Page3

But…there may also be situations when one category, for example Saws would contain enough records to span over several pages. So Pliers would start on page 5 as below

Hammers Page 1

Saws Page 2

Pliers Page 5

Can some one assist with a solution on how to achieve this? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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This topic is 5693 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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