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Help!, Totally new to this

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I have recently downloaded the trial of FM8 to try and setup my company sales database.

I say New, last time I did a database it was on Dbase4 in the late 90's. :

Brief explination of database plan.

To contain the information from a customer placing an enquiry all the way through to order, utilising the same information, such as our product information (which can be pulled up from predefined fields, or typed in manually), also to contain all of the customer information etc that can be used to lookup in the orders.

And to obviously track order progress, and see charts etc on the company growth.... blah blah

I have tried to learn the basics of the software using the FM 8 Bible that I purchased, it has helped me to an extent, it does get a little advanced.

Another thing I have tried to used the teach myself is the (BPS) Business Productivity Solution provided by FM on their website, with which has totally confused me now LOL!

So on with the questions......

Firstly using the BPS

I have noticed it uses a "One record" field and contains a calculation = 1 in all of the tables, whats this used for? Do I even need to worry about it....

I am a little slow at learning relationships, is there anywhere on the web I can learn more, Im just confused on Primary keys and foregin keys, and where to use them?

I have more questions.....but I feel I need to try and find them out after these...

Any help would be much appreciated...

BTW excellent site....


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This topic is 5680 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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