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Get Out of Script By Running a New Script?

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Anyone know if there's a way to automatically cancel a running script by initiating another script?

Example: I have a Find script that takes users to a new layout. While there, I want them to have the option to cancel their find. So I created a button labeled "Cancel and Return to Tracker." That button runs a little script that takes the user back to the main layout and switches back to Browse Mode.

The trouble is, once that little Return script is finished, the user is still hanging in the original Find Script. What's the best way to tell filemaker that running the Return script should cancel the current Find script?

Or perhaps I'm approaching this all wrong and there's a better way altogether.

As always, thanks in advance for any advice!

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Even though you figured it out. someone else might learn from this post.

There is a Current Script option when you attach a script to a button. When you select Perform Script, you'll see an option right next to it allowing you to Halt, Exit, Pause or Resume. You usually want to leave it at the default of Pause but in the case you describe, I usually change it to Halt. Exit will likely work the same but it will only exit the current script and may return to a calling script. Best to be safe and use Halt if you want no scripts running when you click your Cancel Find button. Resume will continue the script that is paused in the background but only after the newly initiated script is run. This is true for all of the other Current Script options. The script attached to the button runs first and the script paused in the background is either Halted, Exited, Resume or Paused. This doesn't usually make a difference but could in some scenarios.

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This topic is 5688 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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