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Question about the layout popup-menu

Asuncion LB

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Hello, I am new to Filemaker and this might be a stupid question and I am sorry if it has been asked before, but I googled and googled and cannot find an answer.

My question is how can you separate the layout popup-menu so that when you click on the layout popup-menu instead of scrolling up and down and up down due to the tremendous forms is there a way to divide the layout popup-menu into two columns or more. It would be a great help if it can be done because time would not be wasted on something so trivial as scrolling all the way down to get to the last form.

Any tips would be great!

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What you want is not a feature of FileMaker, however these ideas may help:

In the Layout Setup or Set Layout Order dialog boxes, which are available only in Layout mode, you can set a checkbox to control whether the layout is shown in the layout menu or not. Maybe you can hide some of them if they're not designed to be directly accessed by users.

You can pop up the list and use your end key to go directly to the last layout, or you can type the first letter or two of the layout name; then press Enter. The home and arrow keys also work.

Make blank layouts and name them "-" that's a hyphen with no quotes. Drag these layouts in the Set Layout Order dialog box and in your menu they will appear as separators. (Note: the Scripts menu works that way too.)

Make buttons that go to first and last layouts, or jump to specific layouts by name or by calculation. A button could move you 1, 5, or 10 layouts ahead depending what key you have pressed. It's up to your imagination.

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This topic is 5685 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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