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Should we?


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Hey guys,

We have 32 files all in Filemaker 5.5 being hosted on a server by Filemaker server 5.5. All clients are using 5.5 - 6.0. We are considering upgrading to Filemaker 8.

I have converted some files over using a trial version and don't seem to see any problems. Other than the password issue which threw me for a loop at first. I do like some of the new features I see but am not quite sure it is worth us upgrading to version 8. I'm kinda concerned about the "Fixing what isn't broke" aspect. What we are using now works fine and has for 3 years.

Since a lot of you already have migrated over I wanted to ask your opinions. What are the main benefits we would have upgrading to 8 right now? What problems? It is a Mac/Pc environment.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions please.



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I have a similar environment, albeit nearly 60 files and 30 users.

You can hang on to the existing setup forever as FMP 5.5/6 will run Win98, XP, OS 9 and OS X - the best of all worlds. However the problem you face (as I do) is aging equipment and the possiblility that new operating systems won't support your existing software. FMP8 requires XP Professional (SP2) or OS X 10.3.9+.

The other aspect is the financial penalty you will face as FMP advances onwards. At the moment you can still get upgrades from pre-7 at slightly over half price of a new licence - I doubt this will be the case when FMP9 comes out. FMS8 is not available as upgrade for you.

There are major benefits in v8 over v5 which you will only appreciate when you start more developments.

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FMP8 requires XP Professional (SP2) or OS X 10.3.9+.

FMP8 only requires XP (SP2) on the Windows side, but does not require Professional.

There are so many new features in 8 that virtually anybody will tell you to do it, even at the risk of breaking what isn't broken. The biggest reason howver, may be the reliability. The need to recover files, at least in Windows, is significantly reduced in v8.


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Well I converted all our files with a trial version and have gone through them pretty extensively now. From what I can tell I don't see anything that was lost or broken during conversion. All scripts seem to be working the same as before etc......It most surely is totally different from what I'm used to. looks like I may be relearning Filemaker to a point.....lol

Thanks for the replies. I may be posting more if we do decide to move up to 8 which I will be pushing for.

Any idea or rumors on when Filemaker 9 may be released?

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This topic is 5679 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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