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Searching broke going to FMP8


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Strange scenario in my solution...I have a db that was written in FMP7 and we are now on FMP8 (server advanced).

Table: Reports

Field :) course_name = calculation of courses::course_name_long (text)

Table: courses

Field: course_name_long = text field

I have a layout based on the Reports table with several fields. When I do a find on the calculated field "course_name", I always get the entire database as my found set. It acts as if I've searched for "*". The field displays correctly on the layout with the proper related value, I just can't search on it.

This seems to happen with any field that is a calculation from a different table.

If I make a test field in Reports (text) and manually replace it's contents with the related field values, I can search it with the correct results.

Any ideas? It used to work in FMP7.

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I just found that this happens when moving a solution from FMP7 to FMP8. I created a test database (attached) in FMP7. Searching works fine.

I then moved the solution to our FMP8 server (advanced) and opened the hosted database. I attempt to do the search (FMP8 advanced) and it returns all rows.

Anyone else encounter this issue? My previous FMP7 solution is 75% dependant on this type of searching. Please help!


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This topic is 5687 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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