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FMPug Announces Special Discount For FileMaker 2006 DEVCON

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For all you FM go-getters

who have been waiting for the perfect time to jump on the

FMPug wagon, the pot doesn't get much sweeter.

Go ahead pinch yourself — you're not dreaming!

FMPug has secured an unprecedented discount with Advisor for the 2006 DevCon. ALL FMPug members can save $100 on the registration fee at this year's FileMaker Developer Conference.

All members, old or new, near or far are welcome to take advantage of this discount.

The normal DEVCON registration fee is $1095 before June 30th and $1295 after June 30th.?

PUG members pay $995 before June 30th, and pay $1195 after June 30th!

Now don't forget, FSA members save 40% off the cost of FMPug membership. That means you can join FMPug as a Virtual member for $50 and STILL save $50 on DevCon registration.

What are you waiting for?

Register today....

it REALLY doesn't get much sweeter!


Included in membership is a whole bevvy of benefits we like to call "Pug Perks"....just take a look.

  • Are you a FileMaker Consultant?

    Advertise yourself in our business directory

  • Certified in 8?

    Let's be honest, is there such a thing as too much exposure? (We don't think so.) As a FileMaker 8 certified developer you gain additional exposure through FMPug. You'll be listed on the FMPug homepage, receive a listing in the FMPug newsletter AND you get recognition in the What's New movie released each month.

  • Wanna take the latest products for a test drive - on us?

    Every month we add to the products available for review through our "Review-it & Keep-it" program. You provide an opinion, we give you the product. Pretty fair trade, huh?

  • Looking to save some green?

    Look no further. FMPug members earn discounts on conferences, training classes, manuals, computer and computer related products - the list goes on and on.

  • Near a local FMPug chapter?

    Register as a Chapter member and join the local "developuser" (de-vello-puser) network. Who knows when you will be seeking a specific talent for that upcoming project. You never know, there may just be that perfect match in your area with the precise skills you're after.

Upon joining FMPug, simply log-in and a unique code will be displayed at the top of your personal Homepage. You'll need that code when registering with Advisor for the Annual Developers' Conference. You simply enter the specified code in the additional comments field on the registration form and Advisor will deduct $100 from the registration fee.

Please note: The registration codes are tied to your FMPug account and will be checked by Advisor Media against those already processed. If a duplicate is received we will be notified to confirm validity of the claim.

Register today at http://www.fmpug.com/join.php


FMPug Quarters team

[email protected]


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