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Advanced Database Planning


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Ok, folks. Before I really start planning my next big project i'd like to get your input. Here's what I need to build, borrow or steal:

I have 10 laptops I would like to check out. I want a user to be able to go to the web and type in a date span for which they need a laptop and the site would return if any are available for that span of time.

Obviously, this will require some sort of calendar, of which i have several choices. Also, it will require that I have some sort of calculation that tells me if any machines are not checked out for the entire span of time selected. This part of the project is what scares me the most.

I can simply have a calendar with users and each user be a laptop and make appointments when they are checked out. The difficulties in this are minor. But how do I have Filemaker tell the user, yes, there are laptops available from x date to y date, and which one it is, so they can check it out?

Any ideas? This one seems basic on the surface but tough and gooey on the inside. Looking forward to reading your ideas. Thanks!



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This topic is 5686 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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