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Database Help Needed

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I've developed several different databases that I'd love to tie in together yet I'm at a loss. There are some tweaks I'd like added as well. It doesn't seem that hard to do, yet I'm pulling my hair out.

I need the following:

A RDBMS with a table for books, authors with more than 1 pen name or a person table with more than 1 pen name and funtion, a royalties/income database where a person for each book can be author, artist, proofreader, photographer, model, and/or editor. There are also some other roles needed.

The system needs to be shared over the web and access control via login. Just a few examples can do then I can add the rest. Right now people can login but the actually see the hidden field with ?? in it and it's ugly. :-)

A project check off list for what state the book is in, what formats are completed, etc.

A review site check off list for what sites the book has been submitted, reviewed or declined to.

A check off list to what catalogs/distribution system we've added the books to.

The problem is that I'm a startup with very little cash. Most of it goes out the door right now.

If you are interested, please send me a quote. I can show you what I have already. Maybe we can work out some sort of one time payment if reasonable or work out a payment deal.

I might even need future changes if I can't do them myself.

My email is chippewa pub at mac dot com (no spaces).



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This topic is 5677 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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