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Filtering Portals


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I've been playing around with filtering portals using the "all" option.

Two tables, a one and a many (say client and invoices).

In the invoices basically I create globals




then I create calc fields that are

1_calc= If (g_1 is empty, "all", g_1)

2_calc= If (g_2 is empty, "all", g_2)


then I create field calcs

field_1=field & "¶" & "all"

Then I relate

1_calc to field_1

and 2_calc to field_2

and etc

Now I have a portal with all the g_n's at the top as dropdowns and by selecting or clearing fields it filters the portal by what's showing and what's not in the globals. So I can filter by date, etc. in the invoice file.

All fine and well... as long as all the fields are in the current table.

The problem is I'd like to also filter some items that exist in the client table but if I create a calc field in the invoice that is the value of the field in the client the relationship never works.

I might like to filter out by city and invoice date.

My guess is it has something to do with indexing but I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

Any suggestions?



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This topic is 5674 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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