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Field Entry Value List Pop-out

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Hello Friends,

Fields attached "value-list" will not pop up at end of creation script. How can I set it up so it does?


Below is description…

I have a parent table to child to grandchild.

I have a script that creates the child and child's grandchild record from the parent.

I need to include in the child creation script an "auto-enter" and "go-to-field" at end of script.

The field I have specified for the "auto-set" and "go-to" has a value list.

When script is performed, auto enter and curser goes to specified field OK. But the attached "value-list" does not pop up.

I wish for the value list to pop up at end of creation script.


Well there is my question, hope what I'm asking makes sense.

And of course… in advance thank you for any help!

Have a fantastic day!

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My first guess is the field with the value list is set as a pop-up menu. Pop-up menus are not keyboard controllable (well, slightly on Windows) and can't be activated using Go to Field. Try changing to a drop-down list which can be controlled through the keyboard and thus the Go to Field script step.

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Hello John,

Thank you for your response.

I already had the field's value list set to "drop-down list."

Just for fun I tried changing it to "pop-up menu."

Still did not work.

So, I still have the problem, not sure why.

Any other ideas?

Thank you for your time!

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yes, the "go-to" works!

my script is canceling the drop-down list some how.


I have attached a screen shot of phase one and two of the script I am using. Can you take a quick peek and see if you see any apperent problems. THANKS!



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Thank you for all your insight.

I am still having troubles getting it to work. I will just have to pick apart and re-evaluate script from start to finish. I believe there are some holes.

I made a simple sample file of this issue I am having and got it to work beautifully. So will work from there.

Again, thank you. Always a pleasure to talk to a fellow FMP Samaritan.

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Randy and I emailed privately and he sent me a copy of his database. When I run his script normally, I can reproduce the problem. When I run the script with the debugger, it works perfectly. So, I threw some commit records, refresh windows and others steps to try and refresh whatever was causing the drop-down list not to work. Out of desperation, I tossed in a Pause/Resume Script step and paused for 1 second. This allowed the script to work but with a 1 second pause. Somehow, slowing down FileMaker and allowing it to catch up was the solution.

I investigated even more and finally discovered the problem diddn't occur if I changed one thing. I turned off the displaying of a new window when he uses the Go to Related Record step (from a selected portal row). This made it work perfectly. Since I am figuring Randy wants to display the related record in a new window, I devised a workaround to what seems to be a limitation or dare I say it... "bug".

Attached is his original script and the modified version of his script to which I added three new steps. Hope this helps someone. The basic idea was to use the Go to Related Record from the selected portal row to locate the related record in a new window. Then, the script selects the original window and commits the record. Finally, the script reselects the new window and uses the Go to Field step to select the drop-down list.



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This topic is 5666 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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