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Barcode reader for data input

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Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I trying to find a plug in / solution in which I can attach a USB barcode reader (Windows) and scan a driver's license (in NJ they now come with all of the driver's information in the barcode on the license). I would then want to parse that information into the appropriate fields such as Name, DOB, Address, etc... Is anyone familiar with any particular products that I might find useful in doing this. Regards, Ron

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Officer Ron:

All you need is a barcode reader and a firm understanding of the way the data in the barcode is formatted. I always recommend the HHP 3800 series barcode reader (at POS Direct at: http://www.posdirect.com/proddetail.php?prod=3800&cat=1 ) as a sturdy high-quality unit which doesn't cost too much. One thing to make sure of is that your reader is putting an "Enter" after reading the barcode, which is essential to smooth workflow in FileMaker. This is called a postamble, and may need to be programmed into the reader. If you need help with that, go to the BarCode forum (under Third Party Integration.)

If you just consider the barcode reader as another method of input (really just a very fast typist) then you're on your way. The method to get the data you're after into the proper fields is the following:

Write a script which will go to a standard text field in your layout called Barcode_Input, then pause to wait for the barcode reader. Scan the code, and the data will be put into the field. The "Enter" postamble will exit the Pause[] in your script. The script then needs to pull the data from Barcode_Input and put it into your other fields. This will depend on the formatting of the data in the barcode, but if the data is a set number of characters, it should be easy to do, using Left[], Right[] and Middle[].



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This topic is 5669 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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