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Tenant Ledger Monthly Post

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We have a tenant ledger that on the first of the month we have to go through each one and enter the amount of rent that is due. Time consuming to say the least when you have 200 properties.

We are looking for a way to do this automatically on the first day of the month.

We already have a tenant ledger (that is a portal from the journal line items) and would like it to fill in there.

Any suggestions would be appreaciated



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What I've done is to have a little table for the properties/units, with their rent prices. Then Import that table into the Rent line items table every month. The idea being that you need a record for each unit, even if the rent is not paid.

The tenants auto-enter by calculation from the month before, based on unit. That way if you get a new tenant, you just have to enter them once, and they'll be repeated each month.

The interface to the rents line items was from a Year-month table, with a single record for each month. This serves as a shell to view the rents in a portal, as these things are thought of as "monthly." A script does the creation of the month, which imports to populates the basic info, you just fill in the rents received.

You can also have a table for other expenses, and show it in a portal(s) on the same layout; well, probably on another layout or tab (FileMaker 8) if you have 200 units.

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This topic is 5663 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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