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Help, how to use value list


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I'm new to file maker. I use filemaker pro 5 for mac.

I already have a layout for my classes preparation. Since I teach in 4 classes, chemistry, physics, etc, I want a popup menu with all thoses classes name. And when I choose, lets say physics, I want that all my preparations for that classe to appear and not the others. How can I do that??

I've tried to put a value list with the subjects in it. Then I went on every preparation and choosed the right category for it.

But whats next? Do I have to put a search button? I wouldnt like it.

Please help me or refer me.



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It's a little hard to answer your question from the description provided. One of the things we always want to know in database design is "what is a record" in the file you are working on. Without this sort of structural information it is hard to 1) design systems of databases that make sense and 2) answer questions about those databases. In your case I could guess that one file you might use would contain standard preparations for each class type, one for math, one for physics, etc. What constitutes a record in the database in which you desire memus for these preparations is not clear to me. -bd

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This topic is 8720 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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