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Can I make an online user editable database online with FileMaker ?


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Good morning FileMaker enthousiasts !

Please forgive me a basic question that has probably been discussed here a thousand times, but I am new to this and I need to find a good platform for what I am looking for in a short time...

So here goes: I am looking for a tool that will allow me to set up an online database in which users can register with a username and password (if possible, I'd like to be able to automatically confirm their registration by e-mail).

I want them to be able to log onto their profile online (using username and password) and edit their profile. Of course, each user should only be able to see their own data.

I want to be able to do mass mailing on the online database that was created.

Pretty much a standard application you see everywhere today, but I'd like to be completely in control of it and don't spend too much time setting it up...

Can something like this easily been set up using FileMaker ?

Many thanks in advance for your comments !



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Your topic sentence is slightly misleading. Anyway, yes this is all doable - all you need is filemaker server advance to host it, and a server (or you can find a company on-line to do it for you... save you the server cost).

"Don't spend to much time setting it up"... depends how well you want it to be built.

As far as i can tell anyway, seems it wont be an issue, however note that some filemaker features arent usable on-line - so keep this in mind when building.

Sorry for the rushed response.


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I'm currently looking into the same question to put our existing Filemaker solution online. I believe you will find the information you're looking for, (together with details on a demo with much of the functionality you want) on this link to the main Filemaker site:


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This topic is 5668 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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