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Report splitting/sorting 2 dates out of 1 record

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In post #198974 I asked for help constructing a method to track zip codes of audiences for the non-profit performing arts center I run. Using the suggestions provided, I was able to construct a very usable method, and it is now functioning very well and saving my staff a lot of time. Many thanks to those who offered help -- I used all of the information to good advantage.

My next question has to do with our contracting system for the performance groups that rent the venue. Each event has its own record, that lists, among other data, the date on which the user's deposit is to be made, and the date on which the final balance is due. There is no specific time relationship between these two due dates -- the sequence of when a deposit is due and when a balance is due is determined by factors that don't allow a mathematical relationship (such as balance is due 90 days after the deposit, etc.) to be employed.

I need to construct an easy method to see (in a portal, perhaps, or in a separate layout, ALL the due dates for the entire season (all users and all events), so that my staff can track and know each week what payments are due, and be ready to call the user if the payment does not appear on time. Additionally, this would be very useful in projecting cash flow for income from week to week and month to month.

If there were only one date in each event record, it would be easy to set up a report, a lookup, or a portal showing all dates in sequence. But we have two dates for each record, so I need a way to split them apart from the record that holds them, and place each date in correct sequence with all the other dates in the season's lineup of events. (Along with the date, into whatever reporting/viewing method is constructed, would go the name of the user group, the amount owed, and whether it is a deposit or a final balance payment -- I figure that can be done relationally and I know how to accomplish that part of it).

Can anyone suggest a solution? We would ideally like to have a method that allows a non-proficient user (our office manager) to click on a Button that runs a script that gets the report easily and simply for her, AND/OR view it in a layout that is accessed by a Button, AND/OR view the information in a portal that is always present and visible on the screen in a particular layout.

Many thanks --


In posting this I saw a message that indicates it may be in the Tips and Tricks Forum, which is not what I intended -- meant it to be under "How do I..." My apologies, please move it where appropriate. Where can I find instructions on choosing the specific forum for a post -- this happened to me once before and I would like to correct it.

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This topic is 5669 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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