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multi-layer find


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I'm attaching a graph of my table relationships. It's a simple model. Each salesrep has multiple customers. Each customer has multiple orders. Each order has multiple line items. Each line item has geographical (zone) designations.

I need to make a report of all the businesses ordering production in each zone for a given month and their order specifications. For instance, Jan 07 will have zone A six businesses, zone B two businesses etc.

I have made a list view layout linked to the zones table. Under each zone is a portal linked to the related inserts (line items) table. With this set up it does display all orders for all zones, but it wont filter based on month and it wont display business name because it's linked to customers table through the orders table.

I've tried all sorts of relationships to get around this. I have tried making a new instance of inserts and set up a conditional ID. When I used that filter, I got nothing.

I could simplify this whole layout but it wouldn't be as pretty (a long list of all inserts by date sorted by zone). I feel like what I'm trying to do is possible and maybe I'm missing something! Really trying to avoid redundancy here...

Thanks for any help,-E

btw-I'm stuck working on a Mac this week. FMP8


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This topic is 5667 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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