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multi field- Export data

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I have a database with the following fields:




For each isbn their are 3 locations each with different quantities. This geographic info needs to be imported into another database by quantity. So that the lowest quantity location is used first.

I have a scripting solution that works but it is very, very, very slow. Can anyone take a look and see another way of doing it?


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Yes that will sort the records the correct way but my problem is how to import them into the next database. What I did to do this was create a script Sku1, that adds a 1 if the location has the lowest number of items, and adds a 2 for the next, ... This sets me up to have




I need to be able to use the above three fields to match their partners for import into the next database. The only problem is that it takes a really long time for the script to run through all the data. I thought about using a portal but I need to be able to create a field that is the match field for import and I cant get it to make a field in a portal. Does that make sense?

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The fields in the next database are as follows:





where isbn is the actual isbn text.

The purpose of moving the data there is to set up ordering for each individual isbn. This part of the process I cannot change, so i am trying to figure a quick way to set up the isbns in the attached database to sort the data by price and isbn and then number each accordingly. This numbering(1-3) will be the match field(isbn_1, isbn_2, isbn_3) with the next database so that an import can occur.

If you look at the script sku1 you will see what I have come up with but this script takes hours and hours of time to run. I am looking for a more simple way of doing this task.

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It sounds like a rather convoluted process, and I still can't wrap my head around it. It seems like you need to rank the 3 locations of each ISBN by quantity. If so, see the script I have added to your file. You can use the resulting Rank field in a calculation, or change the script to produce the result you need directly.

BTW, if there were always 3 locations for each ISBN, you could simply sort the records, then replace the field's contents with a calculation that goes 1,2,3 in a cycle.


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This topic is 5657 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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