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External (from Served) relationship?

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Hi everyone,

I need a file which will reside only on one computer - the Owner's (to be opened only by him). He will be able to add fields (ONLY to this file). It needs a File Reference to our main solution which resides on FM Server. He needs to be able to view our Contacts (graph in file will be related Owner::ContactID = Contacts::ContactID).

When he leaves for the day, this file will go with him (or a zipped copy of it). From home, he wants to open it again (referencing a copy of the main file named the same). We realize the main file data will not be up-to-date (when used at home). But he won't be allowed to change anything (in main file) from this external file - just take his own notes and flag his own matching Customers with his 'thinking' and work plans in the Owner file.

So far, while served, all files only reside in datadatabases and NO file sharing to box. I don't want to open those files up to problems. 1) Is it safe to do and 2) If safe, do I just specify the served file in file reference? What about when he opens from home and looks for the file? Should his files at home be named the same (datadatabases)? It appears to ALWAYS look for a referenced file in the same folder first, but I need to make sure.


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Will he not just be able to connect to the hosted files using the public Internet as a WAN?

That way, the file reference is the IP address of the server. It may take two lines in the specific reference, one for the NAT and the other for the public IP that is forwarded thru the router to the server CPU.


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This topic is 5660 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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