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Conversion of IWP site to PHP


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I have a web site that I have developed in IWP. The backend Filemaker component needs almost no modification. The good news is that the work flow and aesthetics of the IWP site is almost exactly how I want the site to function. The bad news is that IWP obviously isn't up to the task for public deployment.

I was ready to (and still might) abandon FM as my backend and have the site rebuilt using mysql and php. However, it seemed a shame since most of my logic, security, and some scripts are already built within Filemaker.

Therefore, I thought I'd post this to the forum and see if there are any developers interested in bidding on this conversion project. you can see the site at:


use "Carmel" w/o quotes as a test city to pull up listings.

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I am not into web programming using FileMaker and various appliances. Here are links for two sets of people who really are.

1. Tier3 Data & Web Services Group, LLC

A.K.A. Moonbow Software

Bev Voth resident Guru there

Beverly Voth


2. FMWebSchool

Stephen Knight resident guru there

"Stephen Knight"


I have sent both of them copies of your post.

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Hello Sleepinggypsy, Im in the same predicament as you - after having spent hours with IWP to get a working solution with many round about tricks (but no way can I make this available to the public) I'm ready to ditch IWP for something else. Im going to perservere with FileMaker for a little longer as I've built my database and everything works great on for my desktop users.

I am currently exploring using FX.php with FileMaker, and fmwebshool seem to be the frontrunners in this technology. I am just waiting for the next release of fxforge a product they have which produces custom webspages for you. The new version is scheduled to be released just before Devcon and from my understanding it will be extremely easy to design webpages with queries etc all through dreamweaver.

Good luck with your project.

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I would like to talk to you about it.

In addition to 10+ years of FileMaker dev, I have been working with PHP/MySQL for the last 2 years. I have also set up data transfer between FMP and MS SQL, for having in-house functions in FMP and the site run from a more web-friendly platform. So I can help you out whether you want to keep it in FMP or move to a new database.

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Thanks, Dave. I'm on this forum. We do FMP/WEB (and other DB/WEB!)

ColdFusion, Witango & PHP

FMP, SQL2000 and MySQL

We host solutions, but also work on solutions that are hosted elsewhere.


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This topic is 5594 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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