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iPhoto link example

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Unfortunately, Apple decided to change the iPhoto Library format when it upgraded from iPhoto v.5 to v.6. This means that photos are no longer stored in nested folders depending on their date alone. Instead they are nested according to "Year" and film "Roll".

If you find it convenient to leave your photos in your iPhoto Library but to include references to them in your Filemaker database so they can be viewed in container fields then the strategy for providing links must change.

Attached is a .zip file which has example calculations and buttons to link to an iPhoto Library on a local or remote volume for either a v.5 or v.6 formatted iPhoto Library.


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P.S. Use the "Guest" logon option to use the "Images.fp7" file attached to the original post, above. Guest users should have full access. There are no other user names yet I can't seem to be able to make the password dialogue box go away . Perhaps someone can educate me.


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