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Many customers to many phones


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Hi all.

I'm having trouble (among many things) getting my head around this problem of relating many customers to many phones.

The context is this: we're a drycleaner. Customers can have many phones (home, work, cell, etc.). A phone number can be used by several customers (husband, wife, children; employees working for the same company, etc.)

If we need to call a customer, we'd like to display all their phone numbers.

Also, when customers walk in the store, they give their ("main") phone number; at that point, I'd like to be able to enter the phone number and see ALL the customers that share that number.

I've set up tables for Costumers and Phones, with a "join" table in between.

If I create (in separate steps) a whole slew of customers, and a whole slew of phone numbers, and then assign phone numbers to customers, no problem. I can look at all customers that share a phone number and I can look at all phone numbers that are used by a customer. But that is not the way things happen in real life.

In real life, a (new) customer walks in, gives us a phone number and that phone number is NOT in the Phones table.

No sweat: the relationships I've set up allow the creation of the record in the join table and in the Phones table.

The problem occurs if I try to add a customer that is going to give me a phone number that is already in the Phones table. I've set this up so that phone numbers are unique (as they should be, I feel). So I get an error msg from FM.

So how do I get around the problem of adding customers that use a pre-existing phone number???

[One way out that I can think of: 1- do NOT allow creation of Phone records via the relationship; 2- for customers that are going to use an existing number, no problem, just pick the number from a value list based on the Phones records; 3- for customers that are going to use a NEW number, add new customers in a two-step procedure: first add the phone number in the Phones table, then add the customer. Stinks, IMHO!

So, that's where I'm at.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this?


P.S. I've joined a skeleton file (that some of you have already seen thousands of times, probably).


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Hi, aaa. Thanks for the response.

I don't know... When I get a new customer that has a phone number that is NOT already in the Phones table, how does the new record (in Phones) get created???


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Hi, Comment.

Super answer!

I'm still taking it apart to understand it fully. It certainly does everything I need (and more!). Thanks a million.

(Although I will admit that when I first opened your file and looked at the relationships, I got scared!!!) :confused:

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This topic is 5655 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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