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Problem with FMS 5.5 on WNT4


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I am looking for information on an error that I am unable to solve. We have a set-up with seven servers on Windows NT 4, Filemaker Server 5.5. Client has Filemaker Pro 6.

In one of our databases (a VERY simple form database for filling out details for our shipping departments), we have one single user who keeps having problems with Filemaker crashing. I have looked at the database time and time again. I have looked at the errors in the server log, but nothing surfaces. I have checked that the data entry, which sometimes is done via longish pop-up lists, is the culprit, but it is not.

I have had the machine checked of this user, but to no avail. I also had all switches, cables and connections checked: nada, niente, nothing!

The guy who has the problem, is not the only user of the database, but he IS the only one with this problem, even when there are other concurrent users.

Now, my question :P

Is there somewhere on the server or the client machine a log file that I could check?

Anything else?

I am going to re-build one of the layouts that this seems to be happening in regularly, although the idea of some corrupt object in this layouts seems a bit far fetched, as this guys is always the only one with the problem. For the same reason, rebuilding the database seems like unnecessary to me as well.

Any thoughts?

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1. does the file crash on client, or server?

2. remove any plugins in client's filemakersystem folder

3. update printer drivers on client machine

4. check the windows event logs, both client & server. There are FileMaker Server Event Log messages (see FMS5 Help)

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Hi Greg, how are you doing?? We have talked before, ages ago. This is Nicky.

Uhm, about your suggestions:

1. It is not the file that crashes, it is Filemaker client

2. We do not run any plug-ins for FIlemaker

3. All software, drivers included, are installed from an image, by our IT department and is in fact the same as on my computer which does not have the problem. Why should I look at printer drivers when this has nothing to do with Filemaker? I will check that tomorrow, because it occurs to me this have this special form printer that nobody else has and it is ancient!

4. The event logs and error logs show absolutely nothing at the moments the crashes occur.

As to the value lists: I have been told recently that there is a critical maximum of characters for each list. The question is: is the maximum for the complete list contents, or is it per line, separated by hard return?

Because data entry in the form that crashed last time is done via a four line value list. Each line representing the same thing in different languages.

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Nice photo! That's either a look of contentment, total exasperation, or, perhaps you're just watching the telly :P-)

yes, drivers are always suspect

for value list limits, I found this post:

"If your value list is based on multiple entries in a text field, separated by hard returns, the first entry over 60 characters in length will break the list. That line and any subsequent ones will not display"

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Hi Greg,

Thanks for the compliment. Contentment it was...

I have checked the lists, they hold, per line, well over 60 characters, but if this were the problem, how come nobody else on the same hosted database have the crash-problem? I will have the driver checked first.


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This topic is 5635 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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