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how to open port 5003 on windows 2003 server


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hi, how can i open port 5003 manually on windows 2003 server? fm pro 8 doesn´t open it, and we want to share the database peer-to-peer.

i tried to open both tcp and udp 5003 by using Local Security Polices - IP Filter Lists, but it apearently does´nt open the port.

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If you're running the Internet Connection Firewall right now, you have two options.

1. Turn off ICF.

2. If you want/need internal security, or another layer that the ICF provides here are the steps:

a. Open Network Connections (either right click on My Network Places and select properties, or open the Control Panel and open it from there)

b. Right click your LAN connection, usually named Local Area Connection, and select properties.

c. Click the Advanced tab on the top.

d. Click the Settings button

e. Click the Exceptions tab

f. Click either Add Program or Add Port button

Program allows you to designate an executable or registered program to have access, mostly outbound. Port will allow you to do exactly what you are asking.

I'm sorry if these directions are too simplistic, but I know that the Windows interface can be counter-intuitive and it is better to give too much detail than not enough.

Hope that helps,


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This topic is 5613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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