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Problem with IE and Drop Down lists


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I've been having this very annoying problem with IE, webviewer, drop down lists.

I have a tabbed interface, one tab has a webviewer set to a site where I update a job, ie. set the schedule date, the second tab has a webviewer that connects to a site that displays the customer history, ie, date of install and repair dates.

The issue arises when I load the first tab, update that site, then goto the second tab, and load that page. All of the drop down lists stop functioning. Meaning I can click on them and it just selects the field, the list does not drop down. This would happen until I restarted filemaker. Then for some odd reason, I happened to close out IE, which I had opened to another website, when I did this, miraculously the drop down menus started working again. So I thought I would try to duplicate this, and it did it again. I have figured out how to correct the problem, but I would like to know why the problem occurs in the first place, and why would it affect a drop down list???

Anyone else seen this issue or have any insite as to why this would be happening?



I am using 8.5 advanced full version

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This topic is 5612 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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