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locking some records / prevent record edits


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i am working on a filemaker 8 database and i wish to be able to prevent edits to a record if the record is marked "complete". i don't wish to lock all records in the database, just the complete ones.

i was hoping i don't have to do a check on each field.

it would be great if certain access levels had the ability to alter 'complete' records as well.

my searches for 'lock records' have not yeilded anything pertaining to what i wish to do.


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Create a number field called Lock or something like that. Auto-enter a value of 1. In Define Accounts & Privileges, make editing of the records conditional on the value in that field. When you're ready to lock the record, change the value--probably by script--from 1 to 0. When the field is set to 0, the record cannot be edited.



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Does that mean once the lock field is set to '0' no user can 'ever' unlock the record ?

Locking of records is something users have asked me for, but they have not thought through the process completely, which has always puzzled me, as I can see the same users 'calling' to ask how to unlock the record, as they didn't really mean to lock the record, and if you give them (or a 'master' user) the function to unlock, then the record really isn't 'locked' - is it ?

Users seem to ask what they 'want' not what they need . . .


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Anyone with Full Access will be able to edit everything in the file (or change the file so that it can then be changed). The only way you might be able to set a permanent lock would be to strip the file of Full Access privileges one you're done with development.

You can also put in routines that change things back if a user makes a mistake. These routines might be set to require a password, or be just onerous enough that your users will learn not to act rashly ("Please type 'I will not lock my records rashly!' FIVE TIMES to unlock this record."). However, I don't believe that this approach will win you any friends in your user base.

You might also set up a system that allows users to change things back--but you create a record behind the scenes of the fact that they changed the status back and forth.


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This is almost what I need to do--

I need to be able to lock all but one field in a portal record.

Specifically, on a requisition form, once the requisiton has been approved and signed off on (with a password, by the Principal), the only field on the record that should remain editable is a "Quantity recieved" field that is filled in when the requisition comes in. (To prevent items from being added to the requisition after it's been approved.)

Locking the whole thing seems easy, using the above suggestions. Not quite sure how to do this, though... Suggestions?


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I thought the calculation to allow entry would look like this:

field name="1"

However, this does not work. What am I missing?

I followed the steps recommended, creating a field that has either a 0 or 1 (depending on whether or not I want to allow editing of the record).

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This topic is 5526 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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