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problem with GetSummary()


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I recently upgraded this database from FMP6 to FM8 and am having the calculation not work as it did originally in FMP6.

1. I have a summary field Record_Count in table ECal that gives the total of records in the Found Set. Record_Count appears in the footer of the layout in list view.

2. I am trying to get the value of this field from another table Schedule to see how many records I need to manipulate in total.

3. I have a relationship between the two being ECal::Serial_Number = Schedule::Serial_Number_Temp and the relationship is named ECal_Serial

I use the calculation: GetSummary( ECal_Serial::Record_Count; ECal_Serial::Record_Count ). It used to return the value "135" but now it is only returning the number "1" instead of the actual Record_Count value (135).

I think it is pulling the Record_Count value from the first record since that record would be record #1 in the total count. What am I doing wrong? Has the GetSummary() command changed that much since FM6?


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Might be important if I clarify what Record_Count does and what I am trying to manipulate with it, huh?
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Check that indexing is switched on for the key fields in the relationship. I did a conversion that failed to retain the indexing parameters, thus relationships didn't work correctly.

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This topic is 5604 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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