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Grouping the Address Book


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Could someone PLEASE help me work this out, it is driving me mad;

In the address book I have a field where you choose the profession of the person you are adding (producer, director, casting director etc). On the PROJECT layout I have The fields where you need to fill in the name of the producer, director, agent etc. I would like it to be a dropdown list of all the names of producers in the address book when you fill it in. In other words I think I need to group people in the address book in order to make this work. If the person is not already in the address book I would like a dialog box which asks you if you want to add this person to the address book.

Is this possible?

To complicated for me...

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Hi Phil,

In the ADDRESS BOOK layout you fill in all nessacary info about every person. One of the fields is a dropdown value list where you can pick the different professions. I need this value list to group the people by profession in order to work in a different layout called PROJECTS.

In project I need to be able to pick only the PRODUCERS from the ADDRESS BOOK in order to make the list smaller and handier. I have absolutly no idea where to start.

Also IF the PRODUCER is not already in the ADDRESS BOOK I would need a dialog box that asks you if you would like to add this person to the ADDRESS BOOK.

For a rockie as me this is a complete nightmare to understand or explain. Does it make sense or shall i send you a clone via e-mail so you know what i am on about.


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Hi Frida

Please do let me have a clone of your file. I can then amend it to do what you want and you can pull it to pieces to learn from it or I can talk you through the steps one by one, whichever you would prefer.

In order to help anyone else who may have the same or a similiar problem please attach your file here, then, as we work through this we can add to the knowledge base as we go along


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This topic is 5590 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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