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I have been working on "days overdue" warnings for a layout. I think I have it operating now, but a customer has asked if he could set up an email or other warning to himself if the days overdue reading (which is a negative number when there are days to go and a positive number when it is actually overdue) reached a certain value (say, -30 days).

I am not having much luck with the script or setup for such a function and would appreciate help.

I do not have much knowledge of Filemaker and request that the steps be explained to me. Thanks for the help..

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The script steps involved could look something like this:

Perform a find on the days overdue field,

Find overdue >= 30

Goto Record Request first

Put a loop in to go through each record collecting whatever information is required, and setting the info to a global field to send as the body of the post.


Set Field ( xEmailBody = xEmailBody & name & address & overdue ) followed by a carriage return (don't know how to display that in the forum) :confused:

Goto Record/Request next (exit after last)

End Loop

Once you get done with the loop, the you would send the email to whomever using the xEmailBody field as your email body.

Then you can set the xEmailBody field to "" so it'll be ready to go for next time!

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I thank you for your reply but admit I did not understand any of it. I have read about scripting and tried to follow it but it is hard to determine what is instructions from what is actual script. I want to be able to do it using the scriptmaker program; can you show me a way to do that? An example of how such a script would look? Your reply will, I assure you, be appreciated.

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This topic is 5593 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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