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Windows on same layer or on top

Stuart Taylor

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I suppose this may be more of a wish than question as i am almost certain this is not possible.

With the event of multiple windows i find it very useful being able to show a navigation list in one window and form layout in another window at the same time. I only wish that I could have the windows on the same level or specify that one could behave much the same way as the toolbar does and float on top.

The real benefit of the list and form being seperate is that the list can take advantage if a user has a bigger screen and display more list items (so it wins over a portal in my opinion).

Any ideas or comments would be great ... maybe 9 will let us customise the toolbar or create toolbars ... that would be great for general navigation but still not perfect for the navigation i'm after...

any ideas or feedback would be great.


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There are a few problems that make a floating navigation windows (or even a theoretcal customizable toolbar) difficult.

1. Currently, such functionality would require a separate window. But without a way to lock windows to a specified size and position, the window is movable. And if users might move the window around, then it could be confusing to use for the main navigation, like if the navigation buttons are moved off screen or behind another window.

2. If your solution involves multiple windows, then it's hard enough to decide when to initiate a new window, or when to use a previous window. If the navigation is in yet another window, then this increases the complexity of this decision, since the active window will be the navigation window, not one of the data windows.

3. Although the customizable toolbar idea has the advantage of being locked at the top of the screen, in a multi-window solution, there could still be confusion about the focus. In other words, if you had a toolbar button for an Add Record script, it might fire on the wrong table depending on what window happens to be selected (I really don't like toolbars anyway for other reasons).

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Hi Ender,

Thanks for your thoughts ... to be honest I hate toolbars too.

My solution deploys only 2 windows and that does not change ... "List" and "Record" the Database navigation can be done through the Custom Menu Function

List is on the Left and has a fixed width but full height depending on the screen ... this as with any fm window can be resized but can be tested for and made neat and tidy if required.

Clicking on a List Item tests for the Record Window and if it does not exist creates a new one (New window is disabled to the user)

The Record layout has a List button which if a List window exists brings the list to the front or creates a new one and makes it all neat.

it could be confusing to use for the main navigation, like if the navigation buttons are moved off screen or behind another window

The Menu has a Window Script (working name) Bring All to Front so this can be used if needed and will tidy the windows if needed.

ALL databases have a List and Record layout and any database navigation script tests for and switches layout in these windows.

Sidebar Nav is hidden and Locked.

Any scripts would act upon the correct table as both windows are using the same table ... All add scripts select the List add a new record then go to the related record displaying the results in the Record window.

My Menubar is totally customised for each layout so these mistakes can be avoided. ... although most scripts are as dynamic as possible.

Having both windows on the same level would still be useful to me and any window specific actions can have buttons on the layout switching to the correct window by the action of clicking the button.

Any Menu script can have the select window script in it.

Any script without select window would choose the last active window ... (as it would anyway).

... I think it would still work and be useful

Hope this is clear...

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This topic is 5596 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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