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Calculated result not appearing

Iain Peace

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I have a very simple filemaker file in which I have a relationship between a fiscal amount in table 1 and a percentage field in table 2, which produces a result back in table 1. To make this clearer, my fiscal amount is say 500 my percentage is 1% therefore I expect to see a result of 5. This I have three times with the fiscali and percentage amounts being different for all three. To allow for this I have three tables for the percentage calculation.

In my results field the calculation reads as amount paid * percentage table::percentage. For the first two fields this works fine, but for the third the result generated is always zero.

This is doing my head in as I cannot see for the life of me why this is not working.

Please please somebody help me.

Many thanks,


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Iain, I'd first check your relationships are working properly, do a test calc field that shows the pcnt value in the current table, then also make sure you check your cell formatting, perhaps you have the number format either not set to percent, or a fixed decimal that would display zero. Also check to insure all your fields are formatted as number, not as text.


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This topic is 5591 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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