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Changing a Field

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This is going to be an odd question because I really am new to all of this. Hopefully I understand the question as well as the answer I may get.

I am using FM7 Pro on a Mac G4 (OSX v10.3.9) I am reaching the Mac across a network to pull the database from a Windows 2000 server. I have no issues with this.

When I get the database up, I am adding new entries to it and come to a "Stock #" field. It allows me to put in any amount of numbers in it (I have tested up to 30 numbers) but no alpha characters (other than in the first position). What I want to do is take the content and put in "H-12345" or "12345H"(for example) as the Stock #.

It will allow me to put in "H12345" and although it saves the entry, it only displays "12345" until I click in the field (at which point it shows the "H"). If I put in "H-12345" it saves the data and displays "-12345". The same as the last example.

If I try to use a letter in the stock number anywhere but in the first position, it will not accept it at all.

Does anybody know how I can modify this field to allow me to put in a stock number like "H-1234H", "12345H", "12345-H" or "123J45-123".

Another thing I would like is to have it display more characters on the screen (Right now, it only displays 4).

Anyway, I inherited this database from the previous IT Manager and there is no way to reach him, so I am at your mercy to solve this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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This topic is 6476 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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