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Navigation explanation

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To begin with let me explain my situation:

I have a tabbed layout that is used for data entry. There are about 20 tabs wich are used for data entry, before i hear some nay sayer comment about how that is stupid and/or rediculous and there are better ways, this is the way we are doing things we have 4 different kinds of change orders and its a much easier navigation situation to have them ordered in tabs for data entry then to use seperate layouts.

My issue is this the information populated in theses tabs, has to be printed in a specific manner, we've created a print layout but cannot figure out a way to return to the tabbed layout and the specific tab you were previously on, while it may not seem like such a big deal our end users have been complaining, and they are the bread and butter.

I tried a script with the basic steps:

Goto Layout "Tabbed Layout"

Goto Object "Tab X Object"

But this still wont switch tabs, is there something I am missing, or maybe a tool i am unaware of?

Any Ideas??

Thanks in Advance to any help.

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We are currently using the goto layout function for navigation, I am just trying to figure out if there is a way to get to the tab you were on on said layout:

You start out on "layout 1" ,"tab 5".

You click the print button wich takes you to the layout "print view".

You do a quick check, press the print button, and then the return button.

The return button uses the goto layout function to go back to "layout 1".

However you are now on "Layout 1", "tab 1".

I know all you have to do is click the 5 tab again but it's confusing some of our end users (don't ask). I'm just trying to determine a way to get them right back to the Tab they were on before starting the print process.

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Instead of using a Return button, create a single script that pauses at preview mode, then asks if you want to print and then you can use the Go to Layout script step with the option to go to "original layout". This technique will work with the traditional method for creating a tabbed interface. If you are using the Tab Control feature, the best bet is to follow the thread posted by K1200.

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Thanks for the suggested link "http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/173566... ".

Although it worked if you were on a single layout, we still can't get back to the tab we we're on

if we're coming from a different layout.

I tried adding the script step "gotolayout" before the step "gotofield" to no avail. Anyone else have any experiance with something similar or anyone have any other ideas?

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I missed your post/question last week, but if you still need more information:

It's been a while since I set the tab logic up for my application, but I recall the tricky part is making appropriate mods to the calculations for the ActiveTabs. You have to have a separate tab set for each layout (the Active_Tab fields)-- and each set can, if needed, support multiple tab panels on that layout. Place the Active_Tab fields, as needed, somewhere on each of the tabs on each panel.

To return to the proper place on a layout, have one GoToField [TabNav::Active_TabN[$$TabX]] for each tab panel on that layout. If there's only one tab panel, then you only need one GoToField. If you have two tab panels on a layout, you need two GoToFields in your ReturnToLayout script. And, of course, you have to have a different return script for each layout you've set up to use tab navigation with.

Hope this helps.

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Hi To All,

One thing that caught me out is that one tab is the 'front' tab in the stacking order. Each time you leave the layout and come back this one will always be at the front. You set this tab by going to layout mode. Activate the tab, which pulls it to the front. Then save the change. This will mean that the new tab will be in the front next time you move to that layout.

Hope this helps.


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This topic is 6413 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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