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Conditional Container Calculation Confusion


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Several places in our in house solution I have layouts with a portal that has conditional graphics calculation fields to highlight a particular row or rows in the portal. If the value of one of the fields in that record matches some value of another field, it uses one graphic, if not, it uses another graphic. Often it is highlighting a row that the user has clicked, which in turn has filled in a field in the master table which controls what is shown in another portal.

In FileMaker 6 and previous, I could do this and the row in the portal that is in essence where you click to get a new record would be using the graphic which was for the no match condition. In 8 it is using the graphic for the match, which makes my highlight graphic show up on an empty row at the bottom as well as the one that is selected.

I can tell the relationship not to allow creation of records in the related table and that row disappears, but that is not going to be very friendly everytime.

I have not checked all of the possible situations to see if it is doing this everytime, but it is for the ones I am seeing.

This may just be a behavior that has changed with 7 and 8 that I hadn't noticed before. If anyone knows anything absolute about this, I would appreciate the info.

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This topic is 6464 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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