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FM 8.5 crashing during print

Scott Wright

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We run FM on about 65 machines. We are exclusively Mac and all machines have been upgraded with FM 8.5. The problem effects different machines regardless of OS (10.3, 10.4). After we did the conversion to 8.5, we are having certain machines that Filemaker crashes while printing a report, either to PDF or to a printer. The print dialogue box never appears before filemaker dies. I have verified the problem occurs not in the page layout portion of the script, but rather when FM tries to send the job to the printer. Other machines print fine regardless of OS or amount of installed memory. We have one machine with 2 gig of memory that crashes, conversely, we have a machine with 512 megs of memory that does not. We have tried reinstalling 8.5, correcting permissions, installing FM 8.5 developer, etc. The only way we can reliably correct the problem is to switch back to FM 8.0 v3. This is not a strong option because we have already utilized a ton of web page integration into our solution. Any ideas out there in FMLand?

Scott Wright

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This topic is 6458 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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