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Confused need some advice


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I think i have run into a problem here. I have a line item table that is viewed via a portal so formulas of finished goods can be calculated and I have just created a Batch order table that needs to read the Weight Per Gallon from a summary field a few tables away but i keep getting a message about Not allowed to do such and such with summary fields. And if i go to the table that has the portal in it and create a calculation off the line item summarys and i then relate the Field in the Batch Order Table to it nothing shows up.

I think i have messed up the relational integrity of this solution. Can someone take a look at this for me.

Basically when i choose a Product on the Batch Order I need the WPG field in the Batch Order table to Look up the Combined WPG field in the Lines table for that product.

(the line item formulas are in a portal in the Table Product Recipes)

How do i get these to relate and am i screwed because these are summary fields?

I have attached the file and i am almost done. I suppose i could type it in everytime and look it up myself and it would work but i would rather have it idiot proof.

I am really interested to see where i went wrong because i plan on grabbing fields from the batch Orders in another file for my product catalog so i can calculate margins and i have a feeling it will be a problem similar to this

Any advice would be appreciated :titanic: :jaw:


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This topic is 5789 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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