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Sub-Summary Question


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Hello there,

I am new to both Filemaker and the FMForums website. Having read through the helpful post here over the past week or so I've managed to get a lot of help.

However, I have a problem when it comes to reporting, specifically sub-summary reports.

I have been involved in developing a Invoicing solution for the company that I work for.

At the moment I have the invoiced items entered via portals in a multi-tabbed set-up. What I am aiming to do is to group these fields into a report which prints off each portal record for each invoice. (N.B. I have tryed using portals in the report stage but they do not display all items when there are many and blank areas when they're empty.)

I have used the same principles as displayed in John Mark Osbourne's JoinPrint with some additions. I have six product categories (tables) and each has auto serial generated ID and corrosponding foreign key in Join table.

But whenever I try to create a report I cannot seem to get the correct information displayed in browse or preview mode. Specifically I am trying to draw information from each portal record from each tab that's created. So that the Invoice will display ("ProductA" Portal records), ("ProductB" Portal records),("ProductC" Portal records) and so on.

I would appreciate any help that might be offered.



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Good try.

I suggest that you create the report(layout) at Invonice Item level. Grouped/summarised by Invoice No and Product Category.

Note that you will need to refer to Invoice Table and Product Table via match fields such as Invoice No and Product Code respectively.

By creating the report at Invoice Item, you break free from "too many invoice items" and "too much blank spaces".

In addition, you may consider creating reports for customer purchases (customer data entered at Invoice level). Keep trying, good luck!

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This topic is 5798 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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