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Calculated Container Field in IWP

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In my table, I have three container fields. I have a fourth Calculated field, which using a case statement and numeric values in other fields, will set itself equal to one of the three container fields. Eg:

Case(Value=1; Image1;

Value=2; Image2; ...etc)

This seems to work fine when the application is accessed through FileMaker. The probelem arises when trying to view the calculated field through IWP. I just get the "broken image" icon.

Can you not use a calculated field set to return a container type inside IWP? Any help would be appreciated.

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The images are embedded, not just references.

It works correctly when accessing through a FileMaker client. It's only when accessing through IWP that there is a problem.

Now though, I have discovered another quirk. The image displays just fine on the "Default" layout that was created when I built the table. But, on a different layout, I have a portal to this table. In that portal, all the other fields are displaying, except my calculated container field is showing as a broken image.

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As a follow up for those who are interested, I have solved this problem.

Let's say you have three tables: A, B, and C. A has a relation to B, and B to C. If you are in a layout showing records from table A and on that layout you put a portal to table B, container fields from table B will show fine.

If, however, you have a portal to B, and inside that portal use a container field from C, it will not display properly in IWP. They will display just fine from inside FM, but not IWP.

Thanks for the help and insight, everyone. Hope this helps somebody.

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This topic is 5744 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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