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Create fields from the list values.


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From the looks of your example yes, but...

You want to for example select 4 of 20 subjects and view what about them?

I need more of a sample "view" of what your after -- and also some sample data.

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Thank you again for your reply. It is a problem that I can not solve and I have stop my project for 15 days now...

I have to show in a layout or portal the grades of students in all the classes that they have.

So we have a list with classes, that a student takes for a period or a year and this list is created from the records of the classes table. But this is not enough to show all the classes and all the students at once in one layout or a portal. Because classes must be in fields not in a list to be show correctly. So we need to convert the list of classes to fields automatically. I hope you understand...

If you do not I prepare an example for this. But it is complicated anyway.


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I haven't looked at your sample file, but if you have tables for:



Enrollments (join table between Students and Courses)

you could easily display the courses a student has taken by using a portal of the Enrollments table. This portal would not have to display the entire course offering--just the courses that each student has enrolled for. This Enrollments table could include a field for the student's final grade, which would be displayed on the portal.

If you want to take it down the road further, you could set up an Assignments table that would be associated to the Courses table and a EnrolleeAssignment table that joins the assignment to the enrollee, store the assignment grades in that table, build some summary fields to calculate a student's overall grade for a class, and your teachers can keep their gradebooks in your system. You'd have to script an Add Assignment button to autopopulate the individual enrollee records for each assignment, but that's not too horrible...

My head spins with the possibilities!


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I don't know... do you want to show all the students for a course that you select from the top?

i.e. you select

History, Maths and science and you get the following


John Williams......Brian Mathews.......Elga Jordan

Henry Ectar........Lord Brian Thomas...Frank Kronos

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This topic is 5788 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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