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Help needed with webviewer concept.

Stuart Taylor

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I have been rangling with the problems of adding licence seats to my solution and stopping theft (or a solution being moved from one machine to another)


I have a good grasp of the 7/8/8.5 Accounts and Privileges and think that it willalways fall short of being able to safely protect me as the developer from these two things ... so i have been thinking of an alternative.

Here is the one i like the most at present but as my skills are filemaker and not web based (although i know html and some asp) i thought others may have an idea of how to make my dream come true.

So other than my user accounts i have one that has access to editing Extended Privileges

(so first you need a password for that).

So im now looking at the number of seats and stopping people easily moving the file.


If i give all of my clients an account on my server (don't know how to do or automate this... i could...

Specify the number of seats/licences my client has...

Set the name of the server that the solution is on.

this information could be open in terms of i give a code to my client (or use there company name) to specify the pathway on my website that this information can be tested on startup.

And a username/password where my client can change this information.

In this way if someone steals the solution first they have to change the name.NIC of the machine its on on the web account... therefore disabling the clients solution until they change it back or change there authentication details... this should stop this kind of theft.

I can let them login after purchasing new seats and after the account is set up a script could set the new number of seats/licences.

Anyone have any advice on the best way to achieve this ... of course i would love to automate it in relation to payment and the issuing of new licence codes.

Maybe someone could just create this service for developers.



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If nobody has any advice (after a bit of thought i suppose this is not primarily a filemaker question)

Anyone no a good web forum ... suppose i will be looking for newbie level assistance on posting data to the web and automating user account creation as well as looking for a good host for this kind of functionality.



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Jeeze Stu, be patient! :)

I was going to ask what kind of situations you're trying to protect against. I mean, who cares if the solution is moved to another computer within the company? Or is this a runtime or something?

Are you worried about one department giving it to another, or some client giving it away to another? Maybe you just need more upstanding clients? :)

Sorry, to make light of this. I just don't think I'd want to manage the minutia of licensing to a particular machine. Nor would I want to be the client that has such limitations imposed. I mean, what happens if you move or stop working on FileMaker, they can't upgrade their computers?

Maybe you can clarify the concerns.

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Hi Genx, (I meant Ender... oops!)

The problem is 2 fold and kind of fundimental to the kind of industry that i supply data solutions for.

a. They have a high turn over of staff

b. This kind of staff is notorious for stealing databases when they leave and move to another company (and they can be any level even Directors so have high level access)

c. The solutions can end up in competing companies or the staff setup there own businesses.

I present it as a 2 fold issue because

1. These people steal my solutions without paying and they are critical to the growth of my business. (if they could not steal it they would pay for it).

2. This puts my clients data and business at risk so they do not have such a problem with stopping copies being moved around as my company is happy to provide quick and easy reactivation for valid licence holders. Companies have to perform backups so there will always be copies floating around.

For the longest time i have tried to avoid this issue as it is looked down upon, but to be honest i can no longer ignore these issues.

It is not a runtime but it is a complex solution designed specifically for an industry i have invested 4 years developement and now that it is being adopted by the industry as a whole need to protect my clients my future client base before my next major release.



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Addressed to wrong guru ... hehe
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This topic is 5778 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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