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Localized GIS database

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I'm new to this forum. Hope I am in the right place.

I spoke with a tech guy at Filemaker. He thought a script would be the answer to my needs.

I want to make something similar to a GIS (Geographic Info Systems) set-up using Filemaker, but on a small local scale. I need something to help me manage the parking at my apartment building.

Here is what I would like to do -----

In one layout of Filemaker, I would like to have an underlying diagram of a parking lot showing 60 parking spots, and have each of these parking spaces linked to its' own record on a different layout.

The info in a typical record would be such as the tenants name, apt. No., phone number, make of car, model of car, license, date assigned, clicker no., and a picture of the car.

Can I make a diagram in a CAD or Illustration program, save it as a vector PDF or JPEG or whatever graphic format, bring it into a layout in Filemaker, place numerals in the appropriate spots indicating the location of each parking space in the diagram, and have each of these parking space numbers linked to its' own record in a different layout?

Would I be able to open up this diagram layout and double click on the numbers over parking space 43, and have another layout open up showing the record regarding parking space 43?

Being as I have around 60 parking spaces --- I would need 60 numeral HOTLINKS over a diagram, linked to 60 different records in a different layout.

Is it best or necessary to do this via a script as the tech guy thought it would be, or, is there another way to do this, or is this even possible?

The underlying diagram to do the above may be a bit bigger than the computer screen, so a little scrolling or panning might be necessary. Zooming might be helpful, but something that I could likely do without.

I am not using a very recent version, so I would be willing to pay for the current version of Filemaker if I can do this.

Is there such a script? Is there something I can read that would show me exactly how to go about this?

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Yes, it's possible - a lot of tedious work though, esp. in version 3. You will need 60 scripts, identical except for the parking slot number. The script would set a global field with the selected slot number, and go to the related record from the Slots file. Then you just need to place 60 buttons over your map and associate each with a script.

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Thanks for the quick response !!

Really appreciate that.

I understand setting up 60 buttons and 60 copies of the same script with likely minor modification to the script pointing to a different button in each script ?, but, since I would be setting this up once, maybe it would be tolerable ?

If I get Filemaker Pro 8.5 or Filemaker Pro 8.5 Advanced, will this make things easier ?

Would Pro 8.5 Advanced be better to use in this situation than Pro 8.5 ?

Would you happen to know any other way to do this at a reasonable price ?

Thanks again

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If you had version 7 or higher, you could POSSIBLY save some of the work by using one button in multiple instances of a portal. That would work well for those parts where a group of slots forms a column. And, as Genx said, you would need only one script.

Why don't you try it on a smaller scale and see how it goes? I have made a simple sketch that you can use as a starting point.

Mind you, a clickable map is sexy, but you have a lot of work to do on the actual database side. You will need separate files for the parking slots, for the tenants, and for the assignments of slots to tenants (so that you can keep history). That's a minimalistic approach - you might also need to track appartments vs. tenants, and cars vs tenants.


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Exactly what comment said -- but to attach a file next time, click "Reply" on another persons post or "Add Post" at the bottom and it will take you to a more detailed post section including file / attachment capabilities

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This topic is 5789 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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