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Displaying PDF preview in container field


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I'm trying to display a preview of PDF files in a container field. This is in a cross-platform FM8 database stored on a server. The users are 1/3 Mac, 1/3 Windows 2000 and 1/3 Windows XP.

I could get the file preview to display in Windows 2000 and Mac by using a Windows 2000 PC to drag the file from it's folder on the network into the container field. The first page of the file then displays as a preview on the Mac and Windows 2000 PCs.

BUT on Windows XP the preview doesn't show unless you click on the container field. Then the file hangs up for about 3 minutes until the preview displays. Way too slow to be functional. This happens whether it's dragged and dropped from XP or 2000.

How can I display a preview image of a file and make it work on all 3 OS's?

Here's the other things I tried with their problems:

1. Import a whole folder of PDF files using the Mac (PC couldn't see any of the imported images)

2. Using Windows or Mac, "Insert" the actual file in the container field (shows only an icon & filename on PC)

3. Save PDFs as JPGs and insert the 1st page file (FM's 72 dpi display too blurry to read the text)

4. From Windows, "Insert OBJECT from File": same problem as described in my post above. Works OK in 2000 and Mac but not XP.



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What I have done in the past had been :

Saving a file in a container, then any user could by clicking on it export and then automatically open the file by the creating application for that file type and view it.

Disadvantage a file is made and resides on the drive afterwords.

Advantages ;) all users can open and see all files across the network.

Otherwise, Mac and Pc's treat the containers differently.


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Thanks Zoomaster. I've been able to make it so people can "GO TO FILE" which opens it without saving it on their computer by making that "GO TO" button use a script that takes the user to the URL where the file is stored on our server. It's the displaying of the preview of the pdf that screws up in XP but works OK on the mac and Win 2000. I guess I've maybe pushed the software as far as it will go.

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This topic is 5788 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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