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Newbie Question-Value List w/400 entries

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Hello everyone,

I need some expert advice.

I was building a layout with a field for a “Course” selection, I was just going to us a value list with drop-down arrow on the field, and then I found out that they had about 400 courses.

How can I effectively implement a solution so that the user will not have to type each course ID in the field?

The only thing I can think of is using the value list, and have the auto complete enabled and not show the drop-down arrow on the field?

Am I thinking correctly on this one, or have I once again made it more difficult than it has to be?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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That would indeed work Barndon but depends upon the user being familiar with the names of the courses so that they can type ahead or they will have to browse 400 records.

Is it not possible to further limit the choices in the value list by using a 'conditional' value list.

This is were the customer first selects for instance the department and then is only shown the courses relevant to the chosen department.

If that is applicable in your case then you will need a relationship between the tables based on department and then use in the value list, fields from that relationship and check the 'show only related' option



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Thank you for the reply. After looking closer at the list I think I can break it down into sub-cats.

Ill give the conditional a try, I have not done one, hopefully my FM8 book will have something to guide me.

Thanks for the suggestion, it should work better than my original thought.


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This topic is 5780 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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