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Locking a record once in...

Ben Ball

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I have a layout designed that takes an operator in to a related only record.

There is certain information that the user must input before moving on.

I can lock a record by validating the field as "not empty" thus preventing the user to go to any layout, perform any script or even close the database.

This is fine.. However, it is very annoying as whenever the user clicks into space or out of a field the validation message pops up.

Basically all I want to do is stop the database being closed before the record has been completed by one way or another - The way that I have allowed.

If the database closes and re-starts the user will not be directed back to the last record they were on (security reasons). So I need them to exit

with certain information entered.

At the moment the only way to exit is to close the database at the top right of the filemaker main description bar..... Which is oh too easy.

This makes a mockery of what I am trying to do.

I only really want the validation to kick in if the database is attempted to be closed. Not during data entry.

Any ideas?

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Good day for You,

I'm here again.

How to disable keyboard shorcuts commands for all the opened database (N for new record,D for duplicate, E for delete,...)

I don't want the users hit accidently the shortcuts to make any unwanted modifications on the database.

Thanx in advance.

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This topic is 5724 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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