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Barcode Advice

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I am starting from scratch on this.

I would like to know any good resources/advice to assist with the following:

Best source of Mac/PC USB Barcode Reader (cheap as possible)

Advice on reliable Barcode generation

Advice on reliable printing barcodes

Advice on managing barcode data (how different solutions work and there advantages)

I would prefer to avoid plugins if possible, but don't mind knowing if good ones exist.

Oh and needs to be cross platform and compatible with filemaker 8.5.



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Not sure if you've found a 'cheap as possible' barcode reader, but I have an extra HHP 3800 reader that I can get rid of for cheap - especially as it looks like hell after being on a factory floor for three years. Works great, and in my experience they are the best of their type.

Other than that, the barcode solutions I've designed all simply use a code 39 font to print barcode labels (record serial numbers are best), usually on Dymo label printers or, in more intense circumstances, on Saito label printers. You can also print barcoded script triggers (command-1, and so-on) to get things moving, and barcode common data entry, so the user can stay away from the keyboard as much as necessary. No plug-ins, and totally cross-platform (Win 98-XP, Mac OS9-OSX).


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Barcode readers are expensive. I have developed a database for a company that extensively uses barcodes. All the cheap barcodes we purchased worked as paper weights.

As for plug-ins, ID AUTOMATION.com has a great and simple to use plug-in for code-128 and a host of other fonts.

They even give tech support over the phone and help you install it step by step.

hope this helps.


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This topic is 5652 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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